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Health insurance policies can be confusing and finding providers that work with your insurance company in Reno can be a challenge. Seeing an in-network physician in an in-network medical facility is the only way to limit your out-of-pocket medical expenses to the minimal amount possible. Unfortunately, it’s common for patients to receive surprise medical bills from a provider who they thought was in-network but turned out not to be. 

So, how do you ensure you find an in-network medical provider that is covered by your insurance policy? NV Silver Life & Health Insurance Agency is here to clear things up. 

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Health Insurance Coverage 

In-Network vs Out-Of-Network 

To understand your health insurance coverage, you must understand how insurance networks function. Networks are created by insurance companies who then ask healthcare providers to charge patients a specified rate for particular services. Providers that agree to the suggested rates are considered “in-network providers”. If a provider does not agree to the rates and does not join the network, then they would be considered an “out-of-network provider” with your insurance company. 

In-network providers’ services are covered to a certain degree (depending on your health insurance policy) while out-of-network services may not be covered at all, leaving the patient to pay their medical bill in full. 

When it comes to health insurance, things aren’t always so cut and dry. There are several factors involved that can affect the coverage you receive. For instance, an in-network hospital or medical facility may contract out-of-network providers or physicians to work in their offices. So while the facility which you visited may be in-network and therefore covered, the doctor is not covered by your insurance because they are out-of-network. 

Verifying In-Network Providers

There are multiple methods for verifying which healthcare providers are in-network with your insurance policy. To ensure your services are covered by your health insurance, be sure to verify your coverage with the facility and the practicing physician before your scheduled appointment. And remember, just because the medical office or hospital falls under your insurance coverage plan, doesn’t mean that the doctor is. 

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Finding a medical provider that is covered by your insurance policy can help alleviate a lot of stress surrounding your medical needs. Medical costs are a top reason why Americans aren’t actively seeking medical care. This is especially true for seniors in need of health insurance. Connect with the insurance agents at Nevada Silver today! 

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