Life insurance is a financial protection policy for your family that gives them a tax-free cash payment if you die while the policy is in effect.

Why does anyone need to have life Insurance that pays when you die….?????

First of all there are several kinds of life Insurance that can protect and provide benefits for you for several different reasons….!!!! 

  • If you are a single person, Term Life insurance (Life insurance for a specific term) is important to have to pay off any bills  that you incur and clean up your affairs in the event of an untimely death, More important is Cash Value life insurance, (builds a cash value that  you can easily access) and can be utilized as an emergency fund, savings tool or bank for paying your bills or  special projects during a person life, or it can supplement a person’s retirement income and upon a person death the death benefit can go to a special beneficiary or charity..!!!!! J
  • If you are married, life insurance can protect your family in the event of an untimely death of a spouse and provide the surviving spouse with immediate money to maintain their lifestyle and make a transition in their life without having to become dependent on the “FROG”- Friends,  Relatives, Organizations or the Government….!!!!
  • If you are in Business either as a sole owner, Partner, or Corporation life insurance helps to protect your business in the event  the owner or a key employee becomes the “Grill On a Mack Truck “ in an accident, gets sick or disabled and Dies and leaves the business without a key owner or manager who really make the business work and bring in the business or get the business out the door… Life insurance is a protection vehicle that can provide immediate cash flow in the event of unexpected accident  or sickness resulting in death…