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With a recent boom in travel across the United States, people should consider using travel insurance to protect their belongings, their money, and, most importantly, their health.

As Nevada’s preferred health insurance broker, we want to make sure you make it to your destination and back home without having to worry about your well-being.

Why do you NEED travel insurance?

medical emergency importance of travel insuranceTravel insurance protects you in the event of missing luggage, cancelled transportation or personal injury. This type of insurance serves as a legal contract.

One of the biggest reasons to get travel insurance through NV Silver Insurance is Medical Emergencies.

In the event of an unexpected medical emergency while traveling, there are some steep costs depending on where you’re visiting.

For example: imagine you get into an accident or injure yourself on vacation. The cost of getting an emergency transportation can sometimes exceed costs of $100,000 dollars (depending on location). In addition, some emergency rooms can cost roughly $10,000 per day at the hospital.

To avoid those steep costs - we recommend having this insurance weeks prior to your travel.  

Not All Travel Insurances Are the Same

All travel insurances have different benefits, rules, conditions and exclusions. Please take the time to read through your policy carefully. These can vary depending on your policymaker. 

As a trusted health insurance broker located in Reno, NV, we can help answer questions about your policy if you are unsure about the policy wording.

Other Benefits of Travel Insurance

lost luggage travel insurance covers itLuggage and Personal Belongings

Most people buy travel insurance to make sure their belongings will be covered if they get lost. We believe this is the least important part of having travel insurance.

Your items can be replaced, but your health often cannot.

NV Silver Insurance recommends you take care of your items and be wary of where they’re located.

However - If you have higher value items like cameras, laptops or jewelry - some insurance plans will cover the value of those belongings. Be sure to read your policy descriptions and coverage to be sure your items can be replaced accordingly.


Cancelling Your Trip

If you have to cancel your travel plans due to illness, medical reasons or death of a relative - that’s understandable. medical emegency travel insurance

Most travel insurance policies will refund your trip expenses. 

The real trouble with this section is certain insurance policies may require a few days notice before cancellation. If that’s the case, review the policy and speak with an expert on your policy - like us at NV Silver Insurance.

*Note: Not all travel insurances cover full expenses after you cancel your trip. Read your insurance descriptions and coverage that’s relevant to your travel plan.*


Talk To Your Insurance Provider

As Nevada’s preferred health insurance broker, we want to provide you with insurance options. 

Each kind of insurance offering has different descriptions and coverage. Not sure which plan fits works for you? Contact us by clicking here.

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