For Individuals:

What is your most important Asset…????? Is it your car, your house, your toys like a quad bike, etc…?????? You insure those things against  potential loss because they are important to you, but do you insure your ability to earn money to pay for all those tangible things you own…????? This is your most important asset that needs protection, YOUR ABILITY TO EARN MONEY…!!!!

For Business:

It is very important for businesses to have disability coverage on the owners and key managers in the event one them become disabled  or sick for an extended period of time and cannot work in the business to keep it function and profitable

Sickpay Plus

Nobody plans on getting sick or injured. … SickPay Plus® pays you a benefit beginning the first day you can’t work due to sickness or injury. And even if you’re not employed, SickPay Plus® pays you when sickness or injury prevent you from doing your usual activities, like housework, shopping, childcare.