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If only I had known when I was 21, what I know now at 79, I'd be in great shape!

 March is “National Nutrition Month” and what a great time to start those habits of eating the best foods for your body instead of waiting until January 1st to start another resolution that will be usually ended and forgotten in 10 days...

Fun Fact #1 - It usually takes at least 30 days of consistent behavior to form new habits.

 You really must motivate yourself and think about why you want to make the change. Remember to continue the changes each day until you form your new habits.

 Insight Into My Own Nutritional Journey 

Five years ago, I connected with a lifestyle coach in a networking group I was in. She asked me to take her 30-day fasting course to lose weight and change my eating lifestyle. It also develops new habits for eating and food intake. 

Since I had tried several other diets and food loss programs and read all the books, which resulted with the programs bringing limited success, I thought if I tried her fasting program I could achieve some reasonable success!

 The key points of this fasting program were eating food portions “that would fit into the palm of your hand". I also drank shakes and water for breakfast and lunch and had a light dinner of a protein, vegetables, and green salad each evening. Alcohol and caffeine were eliminated for the duration of the fast. Each meal and bite were eaten slowly and thoroughly between bites.

 The idea was during the 30-day period to flush my body and determine which foods I was allergic to that caused me to gain weight. These foods were eliminated permanently from my diet at the end of my fasting and helped me maintain my weight. Amazing to me, I lost 28 lbs. In 30 days but within a years' time I had gained it all back and then some... 

 Fun Fact #2-  The whole trick to making healthy changes in your life is, once you have made the change, KEEP doing what got you to your goal!

The majority of people who want to have great nutrition and weight loss can usually accomplish that within the time period to get-it-done, but then they slowly allow themselves to slip back into the old habits and wind up right back where they started, myself included!

Creating A Successful Health Plan

Along with making sure that you develop healthy nutritional habits by eating health, you need to make sure that you are getting in the habit of making your annual check ups with your doctor, dentist, and optometrist. Eating healthy and creating health conscious habits are only part of a bigger equation. 

By getting in the habit of scheduling annual check ups, it allows for you to stay healthy. Also by taking preventative steps, you can avoid rushing to urgent care or going to the doctor when you’re sick. These tactics tend to be costly and taxing not only to yourself but to your family. 

Don’t have a health insurance plan? We can help you find the best plan to fit your budget and needs. We are the only Nevada Health Link preferred broker in Northern Nevada. Our agents have years of experience in the insurance industry and make it easy for you to understand and choose the right plan for you. We can also help you find the right dental and vision insurance plan. 

Don’t let your new nutritional habits be the only thing that keeps you healthy. Make sure you have a great affordable health plan through Nevada Health Link. Call the Nevada Silver Life & Health Insurance at 775-829-1221 and schedule an appointment to apply for coverage.

COVID-19 is a nasty virus that anybody can catch at any time. In the last year we have been told this everyday, yet this vicious virus continues to impact our country.

We are now a year into this global pandemic and are starting to “Get our arms around this virus”. This is due in part to advances in science and technology which produced the vaccines in a matter of months. Changes in lifestyle and social behaviors have also helped us get a grasp on this virus. The past year has shown the true resilience of not only our local Reno community but also the world.

COVID 19 is Now the Leading Cause of Death in USA

Our country has reached a grime milestone, we have surpassed 500,000 COVID deaths. COVID has become the leading cause of death in the USA.

These facts are quite shocking but also put into perspective the importance of life insurance and disability insurance. Do you have a financial protection plan in the event you or your loved ones become ill or die unexpectedly?

Will Your Current Life Insurance Plan Cover the Cost?

Only 59% of Americans have life insurance, and about half of those with insurance are underinsured, according to LIMRA. One problem is that nine million households just have group life insurance. That's usually not enough.

According to NerdWallet’s 2020 household debts stats, the average U.S. household owes the following:

According to Lincoln Heritage, the average funeral costs range from $7,000 to $12,000.

Does your current life insurance plan cover the amounts listed and also funeral/burial costs? If you don’t have an adequate life insurance policy or none at all, your family will be left having to pay for these costs. The last thing you want your family to do is stress about how they’re going to pay off any debts, let alone the cost for your funeral.

Make Sure You Have a Sound Safety Net

If you came down with COVID-19 or any of the “Leading Causes” of deaths and passed away in the next two weeks. WHO and HOW are your:

What if you only got sick and tried to go back to work after recovering from COVID 19 but couldn’t make it through the workday because of the after effects of the COVID-19.

Do you have the financial resources on your own to cover for the time you’ve missed work?

Nearly two-thirds of Americans, 63%, say they’ve been living paycheck to paycheck since the COVID19 pandemic hit the U.S. last year. COVID-19 has no boundaries, it can affect those that are financially sound or financially insecure.

Maybe you’re not in the high risk category for COVID and are wondering why you should even invest in life insurance. You can be in the best shape of your life or just starting your life, but can get into a car accident or any other life altering event. No matter where you are in your life, make sure that you have the right life insurance coverage to make sure your loved ones are financially secure.

Work With the Best Life and Health Insurance Agency in Northern Nevada

Now is the time to act, instead of reacting when things go array. Our agents at Nevada Silver Life and Health Insurance are here to help you determine the right life insurance plan. We are located in Reno,NV but serve Northern Nevada, and are the only Nevada Health Link Preferred Broker in Northern Nevada. With our Reno-Tahoe community growing and becoming more diverse, we do have Spanish speaking agents.  Contact us today at 775-829-1221 for quotes on health insurance, life insurance and income protection/disability insurance coverage.

You can enroll in affordable, comprehensive, exceptional health insurance now through May 15th!

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and President Biden’s executive order, Nevada has opened a “Special Enrollment Period”. This Special Enrollment Period, SEP, takes place from February 15th to May 15th, 2021 for anybody that has not enrolled in a plan this year. At Nevada Silver Life & Health Insurance, we can help you enroll in affordable individual health insurance, that is ACA-Affordable Care Act compliant. This special enrollment will allow you to protect your health and well being!

If you had any of these QLE -Qualifying Life Event, happen to you in the last 60 days you can apply for a great individual health plan through Nevada Health Link’s only Preferred Northern Nevada Broker- The Nevada Silver Life & Health Insurance Agency:

These are just a few QLEs, contact us today at 775-829-1221 to discuss your options. 

Why Work with an Agent/Broker?

At Nevada Silver Life and Health Insurance, one of our many specialties is individual health insurance. We are the only preferred broker by Nevada Health Link located in Northern Nevada that can assist you in understanding the ins and outs of this special enrollment period.

We can also help you navigate the Nevada Health Link website quickly and efficiently. With a number of plans, we also help you to understand the 2021 Individual Health insurance language and the plans of the five insurance carriers who offer 50 plans for you to pick from for your coverage. 

Our certified agents can walk you through understanding the plan application, the tax credit, which is based on the individuals AGI-Adjusted Gross Income that offsets the monthly premium, and individual plan benefits so you will find the plan that best fits your health needs and budget. We also have Spanish speaking agents who can assist you with finding the best health insurance plan. 

Make sure that you take advantage of this enrollment period. Whether it's setting a reminder on your phone or writing it on your calendar, make sure you set a time to enroll because it'll be May 15th before you know it! We are available Monday - Friday to help provide you with a free quote and answer any questions you have regarding this special enrollment period.

Call us today for a quote and to apply for great insurance coverage “YOU NEED” to protect your health and financial stability. 

You can also request a quote online by visiting

Nevada Silver Life and Health Insurance Agency LLC- 775-829-1221

Just another great adventure I thought to myself…!!! Why if I had really thought about what was involved, I probably would have stayed home and vegetated in front of the TV and spent the summer staying cool in front of our “Swamp Cooler” so I would not have to sweat to death in the 110 degree blistering days in Southern California…. At the time I really didn’t think much about what would be involved or that becoming a counselor a Boy Scout Camp could get me out of the house, all those wired Southern California TV shows and that 110-degree heat in the San Bernardino valley into the mountains that surrounded the valley where it was in the 70-80’s during the day and really cool at night….

So I went for my Camp Counselor interview with the local Council Scout Executive and Camp Director and he must of liked me and what I said during the interview because he hired me on the spot and asked me if I was if I was available right after when school ended for the summer in june… He said he needed someone to go up to the camp in Barton Flats and look after it for a couple of weeks until the camp actually started… At 16 I didn’t think much about it as it sounded like it would be fun living in the high country by yourself watching after a camp, cooking your own meals and just hanging out….

Well that “just hanging out “experience turned out to be a “life changing event” for me as it lead to an eventual career doe 25 years with Boy Scouts of America in 5 different Local boy scout councils and career and life of Many Great adventures in Southern& Northern California, Nevada, Washington and Oregon… It allowed me to find and Marry my best friend in life and raise tow outstanding children who are highly successful and follow their passion for a great life and career of their own in their chosen occupations…. That “Just Hanging out” experience has lead me to a 5o plus year career in both the Non-Profit and business sector and given me the opportunity to be of service and support to several thousand individuals over the last 50 years in the areas of personal development and growth for themselves as youth and adults and later for the financial protection of themselves and their families…..

And the best part of that couple of weeks of just hanging out when I was 16, it ain’t over yet as there is another 5o years of mountains of “great adventures to be had” ….!!!!!!!


"I talk with 10-15 people a week on an average about their health insurance needs to meet the ACA-Affordable Healthcare Act and the requirement that everyone must be covered with health insurance or pay a tax penalty. ....  Each year the tax penalty increases and so does the awareness of the public in America, especially when they do their Taxes each year and see the Tax penalty cost them more each because they did not have Health coverage...

"Nobody Ever said it was fair, or right or did we as voting citizens have an opportunity to vote" , whether we wanted  this law or not, but our "elected representatives passed this law and the current President signed it into the law of the land, so now we all have to have health insurance that meets the ACA Standards or we face an increasing tax penalty each that we do not have coverage...!!!

The increase in federal Mandated benefits, plus the already existing State mandated benefits, plus the cost of care and Prescription drugs rising, the average American citizen is seeing, as we start 2016,  a dramatically increasing "mandated coverage" that each of us have to pay rise in cost to each of us as consumers...

To offset this rising cost the Federal Government thru it's agency CMS offers a :"Subsidy" to offset the cost of this increasing cost of health Insurance that is available to individuals who earn more  than the federal poverty level of income in this country or 138% or $16,242 in 2016 and less than 400% or $42.080 if you are single and plan to  file your federal taxes in 2016... The Younger you are the less "Subsidy" you qualify for and the older you are the more "subsidy" you receive, so you can draw a conclusion the youth are paying the bulk of the cost to offset the older folks...!!!! If you earn more than $42,080 YOU have to go find health insurance in the "private marketplace and pay full retail cost for coverage

If you earn less that $16, 242 you have to go find the welfare department in your city or state and apply for Medicaid if you can qualify for it as you have  to earn less than 133% of the federal Poverty level to qualify for that coverage which is "Free"....

Now that I have "set the stage" and drawn the mental picture with a basic "Picture", Let me ask a couple of questions: Question #1- Who is paying for this "New Entitlement Program called "Healthcare subsidies" and where will the money come from in the future to continue paying this "Un-Funded" Benefit to over approximately 7.6 million Americans who are now getting these "Subsidies"...??????  Question #2- Why How  is it "Fair & Equal & Right" for some of our fellow citizens to get "Free" Health insurance, Some of our fellow citizens to get a "Subsidy" form the taxpaying Folks ( A lot of people do not Pay tax in our Country) and those individuals who make More than the "Federal poverty level" have to pay full retail cost for their healthcare in order to be "In Compliance"  the ACA Law...!!!!!

Who ever said Life is fair & equal & right in our great country, forgot to add.......!!!!


If it was easy everybody would be doing IT...!!! People ask me a lot HOW I got into selling insurance, Or how I learned to do Dutch Oven cooking.....!!!! I have been selling all my adult life, mainly selling ideas, concepts ,selling my vision about how a project would work and what I visualize the outcome to be....  Most people I have discovered over my career will buy into the "vision" or picture the outcome if is properly presented and explained and they are given the opportunity to participate in a small way in the beginning.... They grow in their experience and soon embrace the project or task at hand as they become involved in the "doing" of the task...

Most people when you first meet them and they ask what you do, learn that you sell life insurance and they "quickly" change the subject as they really do not want to talk about life insurance because they don't think they need it  because they are going to live for ever and they have no immediate need or  motivation to discuss the product....!!!!!

Most people do not think of life Insurance as a TOOL or Vehicle to help them achieve their present day and future goals by  providing a and  very useful place to put their money to work and using it like a "Savings Bank" to meet everyday and future needs to accomplish their personal goals & objectives...  Most people want to buy "Term Insurance" because it is cheap and do not realize it only covers them for a "Specific Term" and does not allow for the build-up of cash values like a good Cash Value plan does..

Life Insurance Is a key "Building Block" for everyone sound financial futures and should be investigated thoroughly as  a person starts to develop their own "Financial House" as it is one of the bedrocks and cornerstone of a Foundation on which to grow and build for the future financial needs of an individual...!!!!

Seek out a QLIA- "Qualified licensed Insurance Agent" to help educate you about the many ways Life insurance can benefit you while you are Alive and provide for others when you are gone....!!!!!


Chickenless Pot Pie....!!!!! Wow, that doesn't sound good... that is why you eat Chicken Pot pie to taste the flavorful Chicken , the more chicken the better...!!!! Interestingly enough,  the realities of  your life are like "Chickenless Pot Pie", you  go thru your whole life with having any of the great at age 65 life insurance protection coverage that are available, Until, you experience a life changing event that can and will change your life forever...  What you don't know about and do  not have can alter your standard of living and affect your lifestyle for the rest of your life...!!!!


A great example of not having the "Chicken" in the Pot pie ,OR  having your Basic converges in place for Health, Income protection, Life and Future savings for emergencies, is when  20 year old males  or female will become Disabled before they retire at  age 65 and face  being disabled for 4 plus years without any income to pay for their basic needs of shelter, food and clothes to wear much less anything else...!!!!!


Do not eat another Chicken Pot Pie without the  Chicken or go another day without your "Basic life protection coverages, of Health, Income , Life & Savings" ...!!!!! Call a  State Licensed Life & Health insurance Agent in your community for a Review of your current plans....!!!!


Call me, John W. Collier, LUTCF, FSS, CC at 775-829-1221for your 2015 Basic Life & Health Protection Package Checkup Today, and do not eat another "Chickenless Pot Pie and or go thru your life any longer without your basic Life & Health Protection package in place...!!!! "



What a great concept the " best thing since sliced bread"....!!!! this goes along with what Larry the cable always says, "Let's-Get-ER-Done"....!!! The best ideas & concepts are yet to be thought of by individuals...
Walt disney always said "if you can imagine it, You can acheive it"... Goals and athletic,Personal coaches, Talented mangers & Leaders are always telling those individuals they a re invloved with who are striving to reach the "Brass Ring" or objetive the aspire to reach, "to visualize the end results...
Now this is a prime example of of the best concept since sliced bread....!!!!
What are your best things since the invention of sliced that you have done to reach your goals & Objectives...????? !!!!!
Wha t a great morning to be alive and do the 5 most important things i have to to do TODAY AND NOT TOMMORROW...!!!! TNT- TodayNotTommorrow...!!! ( The best idea since "sliced Bread"...!!!!!)
John Collier

Right Now is the best time in your life to Reflect for a few minutes and think about what you want to accomplish during the coming year and How you are going to go bout do just that, "Accomplish what you want...!!!
Some folks call it "goal setting"....!!!! other's refer to the process in different ways, Boil it all down to it's simplest form and it is making a list of what you want to get done in the future ...!!!!
Wheter you are working for yourself or somebody else, it all boils dwon to a simple thing and that is called "Focus"....!!!!

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