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Give your Loved Ones the Gift of Life Insurance this Holiday Season

As the holiday season begins, many of us focus on the act of giving in order to bring joy to those we are most grateful for. Although we typically focus on gifting our loved ones with products and services, the best gift you can give just about anyone is practically free. 


Talking to loved ones about life insurance is one gift you can give that adds to your family’s prosperity and longevity. 


A survey from Spendmenot recently discovered 52% of Americans have life insurance. While that number may seem high, the number of Americans with life insurance has decreased in comparison to the previous years. This means approximately half the population will leave their loved ones with financial burdens if the primary wage earner unexpectedly passes.


Of course, you may ask yourself “how do I bring up such a heavy topic during the holiday season?”. 


While it may seem awkward at first, caring for your family doesn't have to be. This holiday season, be sure to speak with your immediate and extended family members about various life insurance options and give a gift that will last a lifetime. 


Here you will find three simple questions to help guide you when talking to loved ones about insurance options. 


“Do you have life insurance?”

This is the best place to start because it allows a simple introduction to a complex topic. This question is great because it can apply to any of your family members and not necessarily focuses on health insurance alone.


Many of us think insurance only begins with yearly coverage, so this question allows you to draw attention to the importance of life insurance no matter how your family answers. Furthermore, life insurance goes beyond elderly insurance. Meaning this question is important for your younger relatives since it can become a form of financial planning. This can help guide your family in a positive direction this holiday season. 


“Why is it important to start thinking about life insurance?” 

This question may help address your family members' misunderstandings of life insurance. Some of us may think life insurance only offers our loved ones benefits if we pass away, but it can also act as a safety-net in our daily lives.


Life insurance can pay bills and cover debts alongside protecting those who rely on your income. 

According to NEA members, these protections help you when mapping out future milestones such as marriage, parenting, home buying, and retirement. 


Ultimately, no matter what your age is, investing in life insurance allows you to support and reduce stress for yourself and your loved ones even after you pass. 


“Who do you trust when it comes to financial advice?”

This question should be asked to help understand what kinds of resources there are to your family members. 


They may trust a close friend, family member, financial advisor, certified insurance broker, or themselves when it comes to their finances. 


A recent study suggests many Americans are changing who they turn to for financial advice. 

Only 26% of Americans trust financial advisors which is a 4% decrease from 2020. The most common person an individual turns to is a spouse or a family member, making your role in addressing life insurance highly valuable. This answer will ensure that your family finds the right resources when it comes to signing up for the right type of insurance.


Although you provide options for your family members when talking about life insurance, it is important to acknowledge insurance as a financial protection policy. 


Going to a certified broker like Nevada Silver allows you to find the right protection whether you are single, married, or even own a business. As the only Nevada Health Link insurance broker in Northern Nevada, we focus on alleviating the guesswork when finding the best coverage for you and your family’s needs. 


“What should you do next?”

When all is said and done, your role in talking to your loved ones about their insurance options is more valuable than you know. Starting this conversation over the holidays is a step in the right direction for many individuals looking for insurance options going into 2022. The goal for you is to make sure your family and those you love are insured. 


Feel free to use these questions on all of the people you care about this holiday season. Many will be grateful for your support in their future success. If you don't feel comfortable guiding your family through the process of becoming insured, remember a certified life insurance broker is available to guide them. Brokers like Nevada Silver help others gain access to Northern Nevada insurance options by working with a variety of insurance companies. So give the timeless gift of having a conversation with your loved ones regarding the best life insurance options for their needs. 


To determine what kind of life Insurance you need, call the Nevada Silver Life Health Insurance agency and ask for Gina or John @ 775-829-1221, who can help determine what is the best for your Needs for life insurance and what will fit your budget the best!

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