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Great News, Everyone Who Wants Health Insurance In Nevada Can Get It

Great News...!!!! Everyone, “who wants healthcare in Nevada” CAN GET Healthcare, health care is available to everyone who wants it...!!!!

five-(5) Ways in 2020 you get Heathcare In Nevada!!!!


First way:

  • If you are single, married &/or have a family and earn below 138% of the US poverty Level, which is $25,750 for FAMILY of four, you can go to the county/state welfare office and apply for Nevada State MEDICAID assistance.


Second Way:

  • If your income for the coming year falls between 128% & 400 % of the federal poverty level, you can get a subsidy from the federal government to offset the cost of your health insurance. You need to call a licensed insurance agent who is certified to assist you with the application process and is appointed with the health carriers offed in the Silver State exchange


Third way:

  • If you work for a company that provides employee benefits and health insurance, you can qualify after your new hire day and waiting period as a new employee for coverage if your employer does not offer employee benefits you can apply in the private market place, thru an Licensed Health Insurance agent for coverage;.
  • If your Income for the coming year exceeds 400% or $97,200 for a family of four or $48, 560 for a single individual of the federal poverty level, you will have to purchase your health care coverage in the private marketplace thru a licensed Health Insurance Agent.
  • You can get “Short-Term" coverage for up to six-(6) months at a time to cover your new Hire waiting period for group coverage, or your coverage for health due the adorability of these plans. (Please note these plans are limited in benefits and do not meet the ACA laws for creditable coverage)


Fourth way:

  • Contact a licensed and contracted Health insurance agent who is contracted with Health insurance carriers who can assist you in finding the proper plan for your budget and health care needs in the private marketplace.
  • In Nevada at his time there is only One-(1) Carrier available that meets the ACA Standards for health coverage, Hometown Health which offers both HMO & PPO plans for individuals, families and small group employee coverages and fully meet the ACA standards for health insurance.


Fifth way:

  • You can obtain coverage thru a religious base medical sharing company which share the claim cost with each member sharing a portion of the claims. These plans are not licensed by the Nevada Department of Insurance nor do they fully meet the ACA law and are not recommended for coverage of your healthcare needs.

For getting assistance with your healthcare needs as an individual or for your family or small business, please contact the following licensed and exchange certified Health agents John W. Collier, LUTCF, FSS, CC and/or Gina Aguirre at the following address:

4600 Kietzke ln, Ste. A105
Reno, NV 89502
Phone-775-829-1221 Fax-775-826-2516


John collier, LUTCF, FSS, CC
Fax: (775) 826-2516
NV License #2545207
Gina Espinal-aguerre
Fax: (775) 826-2516
NV License #17287151
Mary Lou Urrutia
Fax: (775) 826-2516
NV License #3590623
David Moncuse
Fax: (775) 826-2516
NV License #3589736
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