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Whoever said there are “No-Do-Overs In-Life"!!!!!

“If only I could do that again”...!!!” How many times have you ever said hat to yourself after an embarrassing moment when you first meet a person and cannot remember their name... 

  • OR, you are on a telephone call and you say something to the other person that causes them to hang up on your call or you know what you said was not clear and confused the person you were speaking too!!!! 
  • OR, you turned the wrong onto a one lane road that goes the opposite direction and you meet a car coming straight at you...!!! And  
  • OR, you apply online for a health, Dental or Life insurance policy that cost more than what you wanted to spend and then you have the policy in place and find out the carrier you applied to and got the coverage, will not pay the claim, or will not answer the phone when you call with  questions.. 
  • OR., the medical condition will not be covered because it was a pre-existing condition and you applied for an in-expensive “Short-term policy” and now you owe thousands of dollars to the provider of medical services because you thought your “inexpensive Short term” would cover the condition, and did not want to pay for a fully qualified ACA- qualified plan that covers pre-existing conditions... 

Fortunately, in life we can ‘Do It over Again”, if we realize we made an error or a mistake, for the most part, people or very forgiving and willing to give someone a second chance OR we can correct our first mistake, learn from it and try not to do it again... 

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