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NVSilver life Health Blog article- Re Disability Protection for You as an Employee in a small business...!!!

Sick Pay Plus short and Long term income – Disability Protection...!!!!

What is a person's greatest asset....?????? Would it be the Diamond wedding ring, or the new ford 150 super cab pick-up, or the brand new Home they just qualified to buy or their Harley Davidson Motorcycle...!!!! To most people they think in terms of what they purchase, and not in terms of their ability to earn the money to pay for all these great things...
A person's greatest asset is their ability to earn a living to afford the lifestyle they would like to have and maintain.....

Should an accident or sickness cause them to become "disabled", how long would it take before their ability to earn a living to maintain their lifestyle to stop because they were not able to work and earn an income for their job...

As an employer, can you afford to pay an employee who is "off the job and not being productive for your business", due to a sickness, illness or accident either job related or off the job...????
How long do you carry someone on your payroll before you have to terminate them because they can not be at your work place performing their job functions...?????

Good questions for a small business owner to assist their employees by making available to them the opportunity to a sickness & accident income replacement coverage from Combined Insurance thru tone of Nevada's leading Life & Health Insurance Agencies in Northern Nevada, the Nevada Silver Life & Health insurance Agency located at 4600 Kietzke Ln., Ste. A105, Reno, NV 89502, 775 829-1221, Fax-775 826-2516 or or text 775-250-2326-Cell... Contact today for further information and competitive pricing...

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