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Just another Great Adventure......!!!!!!!

Just another great adventure I thought to myself…!!! Why if I had really thought about what was involved, I probably would have stayed home and vegetated in front of the TV and spent the summer staying cool in front of our “Swamp Cooler” so I would not have to sweat to death in the 110 degree blistering days in Southern California…. At the time I really didn’t think much about what would be involved or that becoming a counselor a Boy Scout Camp could get me out of the house, all those wired Southern California TV shows and that 110-degree heat in the San Bernardino valley into the mountains that surrounded the valley where it was in the 70-80’s during the day and really cool at night….

So I went for my Camp Counselor interview with the local Council Scout Executive and Camp Director and he must of liked me and what I said during the interview because he hired me on the spot and asked me if I was if I was available right after when school ended for the summer in june… He said he needed someone to go up to the camp in Barton Flats and look after it for a couple of weeks until the camp actually started… At 16 I didn’t think much about it as it sounded like it would be fun living in the high country by yourself watching after a camp, cooking your own meals and just hanging out….

Well that “just hanging out “experience turned out to be a “life changing event” for me as it lead to an eventual career doe 25 years with Boy Scouts of America in 5 different Local boy scout councils and career and life of Many Great adventures in Southern& Northern California, Nevada, Washington and Oregon… It allowed me to find and Marry my best friend in life and raise tow outstanding children who are highly successful and follow their passion for a great life and career of their own in their chosen occupations…. That “Just Hanging out” experience has lead me to a 5o plus year career in both the Non-Profit and business sector and given me the opportunity to be of service and support to several thousand individuals over the last 50 years in the areas of personal development and growth for themselves as youth and adults and later for the financial protection of themselves and their families…..

And the best part of that couple of weeks of just hanging out when I was 16, it ain’t over yet as there is another 5o years of mountains of “great adventures to be had” ….!!!!!!!


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