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Nobody ever said "Life in this Great country of ours"was Fair Or Right Or Equal" for All of the Citizens of our country....!!!!!

"I talk with 10-15 people a week on an average about their health insurance needs to meet the ACA-Affordable Healthcare Act and the requirement that everyone must be covered with health insurance or pay a tax penalty. ....  Each year the tax penalty increases and so does the awareness of the public in America, especially when they do their Taxes each year and see the Tax penalty cost them more each because they did not have Health coverage...

"Nobody Ever said it was fair, or right or did we as voting citizens have an opportunity to vote" , whether we wanted  this law or not, but our "elected representatives passed this law and the current President signed it into the law of the land, so now we all have to have health insurance that meets the ACA Standards or we face an increasing tax penalty each that we do not have coverage...!!!

The increase in federal Mandated benefits, plus the already existing State mandated benefits, plus the cost of care and Prescription drugs rising, the average American citizen is seeing, as we start 2016,  a dramatically increasing "mandated coverage" that each of us have to pay rise in cost to each of us as consumers...

To offset this rising cost the Federal Government thru it's agency CMS offers a :"Subsidy" to offset the cost of this increasing cost of health Insurance that is available to individuals who earn more  than the federal poverty level of income in this country or 138% or $16,242 in 2016 and less than 400% or $42.080 if you are single and plan to  file your federal taxes in 2016... The Younger you are the less "Subsidy" you qualify for and the older you are the more "subsidy" you receive, so you can draw a conclusion the youth are paying the bulk of the cost to offset the older folks...!!!! If you earn more than $42,080 YOU have to go find health insurance in the "private marketplace and pay full retail cost for coverage

If you earn less that $16, 242 you have to go find the welfare department in your city or state and apply for Medicaid if you can qualify for it as you have  to earn less than 133% of the federal Poverty level to qualify for that coverage which is "Free"....

Now that I have "set the stage" and drawn the mental picture with a basic "Picture", Let me ask a couple of questions: Question #1- Who is paying for this "New Entitlement Program called "Healthcare subsidies" and where will the money come from in the future to continue paying this "Un-Funded" Benefit to over approximately 7.6 million Americans who are now getting these "Subsidies"...??????  Question #2- Why How  is it "Fair & Equal & Right" for some of our fellow citizens to get "Free" Health insurance, Some of our fellow citizens to get a "Subsidy" form the taxpaying Folks ( A lot of people do not Pay tax in our Country) and those individuals who make More than the "Federal poverty level" have to pay full retail cost for their healthcare in order to be "In Compliance"  the ACA Law...!!!!!

Who ever said Life is fair & equal & right in our great country, forgot to add.......!!!!


  • If we went back to the Basic principals of the "Free Enterprise system that has made our country great, before the Socialist, Democratic, Progressive elements of our  great country tried to "transfer the wealth" form one pocket to another....!!!!"
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