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If it was easy everybody would be doing it....!!!!

If it was easy everybody would be doing IT...!!! People ask me a lot HOW I got into selling insurance, Or how I learned to do Dutch Oven cooking.....!!!! I have been selling all my adult life, mainly selling ideas, concepts ,selling my vision about how a project would work and what I visualize the outcome to be....  Most people I have discovered over my career will buy into the "vision" or picture the outcome if is properly presented and explained and they are given the opportunity to participate in a small way in the beginning.... They grow in their experience and soon embrace the project or task at hand as they become involved in the "doing" of the task...

Most people when you first meet them and they ask what you do, learn that you sell life insurance and they "quickly" change the subject as they really do not want to talk about life insurance because they don't think they need it  because they are going to live for ever and they have no immediate need or  motivation to discuss the product....!!!!!

Most people do not think of life Insurance as a TOOL or Vehicle to help them achieve their present day and future goals by  providing a and  very useful place to put their money to work and using it like a "Savings Bank" to meet everyday and future needs to accomplish their personal goals & objectives...  Most people want to buy "Term Insurance" because it is cheap and do not realize it only covers them for a "Specific Term" and does not allow for the build-up of cash values like a good Cash Value plan does..

Life Insurance Is a key "Building Block" for everyone sound financial futures and should be investigated thoroughly as  a person starts to develop their own "Financial House" as it is one of the bedrocks and cornerstone of a Foundation on which to grow and build for the future financial needs of an individual...!!!!

Seek out a QLIA- "Qualified licensed Insurance Agent" to help educate you about the many ways Life insurance can benefit you while you are Alive and provide for others when you are gone....!!!!!


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