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Chicken Pot Pie with out the Chicken!!!!!

Chickenless Pot Pie....!!!!! Wow, that doesn't sound good... that is why you eat Chicken Pot pie to taste the flavorful Chicken , the more chicken the better...!!!! Interestingly enough,  the realities of  your life are like "Chickenless Pot Pie", you  go thru your whole life with having any of the great at age 65 life insurance protection coverage that are available, Until, you experience a life changing event that can and will change your life forever...  What you don't know about and do  not have can alter your standard of living and affect your lifestyle for the rest of your life...!!!!


A great example of not having the "Chicken" in the Pot pie ,OR  having your Basic converges in place for Health, Income protection, Life and Future savings for emergencies, is when  20 year old males  or female will become Disabled before they retire at  age 65 and face  being disabled for 4 plus years without any income to pay for their basic needs of shelter, food and clothes to wear much less anything else...!!!!!


Do not eat another Chicken Pot Pie without the  Chicken or go another day without your "Basic life protection coverages, of Health, Income , Life & Savings" ...!!!!! Call a  State Licensed Life & Health insurance Agent in your community for a Review of your current plans....!!!!


Call me, John W. Collier, LUTCF, FSS, CC at 775-829-1221for your 2015 Basic Life & Health Protection Package Checkup Today, and do not eat another "Chickenless Pot Pie and or go thru your life any longer without your basic Life & Health Protection package in place...!!!! "



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