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Trouble signing up for Internet Health Insurance?

Are you having trouble signing up on the internet for Health Insurance…????????? Well, “Join the Club”….!!!! J

Any brand new piece of software is going to experience its share of “glitches” & “Gremlin’s”, but when it takes 2 minutes and 50 second to change one screen on the computer and then you get an “ERROR” MESSAGE and cannot access the rest of the sign up process at that time, You Know You are dealing with the “ultimate glitches and gremlin’s in software….!!!”

When the Nevada Health link site came on line starting on October 1st, 2013 and for the next 60+/- days that is what anyone experienced when the accessed the website, and if anyone got thru all the multitude of Screens, many of which reappeared twice before moving to the next one, it is no wonder the sign-up has been less than “sterling” or has met projections….!!! J

This is not your A-typical classic, log-on, find and review the product or service you want to purchase at the price you want, load into your cart with your shipping and payment instructions and checkout kind of site that typically takes 10-15 minutes of your time to buy something….!!!! J NO Sireee….!!!! Not on your Aunt Matilda’s life….!!!! J

This site, the Nevada Health Link website which complies with the new January 1, 2014 ACA- Affordable Health Care Law is a real first class Government Designed, operated and administered piece software which was developed specially for use by Nevada’s Silverstate health Exchange for the citizens of Nevada to use in our Great State… It was conceived and developed in less than a year and as with any new piece of “new software” it has experienced major problems from the “Get-GO”…..!!!! L

After the first 120 days +/-, I firmly believe thru the hard work and great efforts of our state’s exchange staff , they are slowly turning “the corner” with this new website and it’s “functionally” is improving dramatically…!!!! J The further we get into using this site as health insurance brokers, the more familiar we become with the site’s use medical plans and the uniqueness of the site ….

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