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Income Protection in the Event I Get Sick and Can't Work

Income Protection in the event I get sick and can’t work for an extended time Or I have a totally unexpected accident and cannot return to work, WHO PAYS MY BILLS, THE RENT AND PUTS FOOD ON THE TABLE

As a professional Insurance agent I come in contact with a lot people as I meet new people and talk with new business owners & individuals everyday…Whenever the subject comes up about disability coverage for them comes up to the level of discussion, everyone always says that is a great coverage, but their budget just will not handle the cost  of this coverage, along with all the other insurance coverage premiums they have to pay so they usually choose not to purchase the coverage when I first present it…

Being the persistent type, and from my experience the last 24 years as a independent Life and health insurance, I have grown to appreciate the value of an individual or small business owner having in place four basic coverages themselves, their families and employees, if they have employees….

The FIRST and most important coverage I believe is vital to have before any other coverage is a great “Disability or Income Protection Plan”….!!!

  • An extended sickness or illness can develop into an extended condition that will prevent an individual form working and earning wages, a salary or commissions, as the majority of employers have no obligation or provision for paying you after you have been unable tom work for a period of time… Most employers are not prepared or willing to continue your paycheck if you are off the job for a couple of weeks and your long term situation has not changed nor does it appear it will change so you can get back to work again and full fill your work assignment….
  • Untimely and unexpected accidents that occur are one of the most prevalent causes of long Disability that can occur to an individual and prevent a person for working in a particular occupation or profession that an individual acquired specialized training and skills for, or someone who has had long tenure with an employer and played a key role in the operations of that business has a sudden and total  unexpected accident that lays them up in the hospital and then they have a long convalescent period to regain their ability to work again…A “Great Income protection or Disability Policy & Plan”,  is one that starts protecting your income from the first day you become sick or have an accident and keeps the income coming in while you either get well again and go back to work and you decide what kind of transition you will have to make in your life and provides the finances to enable you to accomplish that transition….!!! JIn coming blogs I will share some wonderful true stories about the “Power of Income Protection for individuals and small Businesses”…!!!I will discuss the Second, Third and Fourth life and health coverages I feel are important for individuals and small to have in place as soon as their finances will allow them to obtain these coverages in my future Blogs….Call for a quote today for your Income Protection Plan for 2014, John W. Collier, LUTCF, FSS, 775-829-1221, or email
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