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"A Classic True Story" why a family needs life insurance

“A Classic True Story” why a Family needs life Insurance on Everybody in the family to be prepared for the unexpected turnoff events in your life….!!!!
1998 found me driving 50,000/year all over Northern Nevada and primarily in western Nevada in Washoe, Lyon, and Churchill, Storey, Carson City and Doulas counties… During that time I was doing a lot of face to face “Cold Calling” on small businesses and in Lyon County I came across a family owned and run business that specialized Drilling water wells…. This business was a solely owned by the dad who had two young son’s newly married working in the business with him and they had never had any Health insurance or life insurance on any of them… The father had a medical condition that had prevented him from qualifying for life insurance, but his wife, 2 sons and their wives were all in good health and would readily qualify for Coverage…

The first coverage which they were the most concerned about was Health insurance and so I found a good small group plan that met their medical needs and concerns and most importantly, their Budget…!!! Following the placement and issue of their coverage, I immediately started talking with them about their need for life insurance coverage for themselves and protection for their wives and young families and subquently I was able to place in force, a $100,000 term insurance policy on each son, their wives and a $250,000 policy on the owner’s wife.
Approximately, 6 years later, one of the sons was driving home from a drilling site pulling a trailer full of pipe and had a head on collision with an 18 wheel Mack truck killing him instantly and leaving his wife and four small, young children without a father and breadwinner of the family… Hence the saying I always use since this accident, “what happens if your spouse becomes the Grill on a Mack truck coming home some evening, How are you going to survive financially in the future”????... Fortunately the proceeds from the life insurance policy enabled his wife to survive financially and make a smooth transition for her family…

Two years later the owner’s wife had a lung collapse and she had to utilize specialized drugs to maintain her immune system and prevent any infection o the remaining lung…. This went on for about 4 more years, until one early September day she was working in her garden and was bitten by a mosquito, developed west Nile virus and with 12 days of being bitten she passed away due the west Nile virus overcoming her weakened immune system…. Needless to say her passing was a traumatic event for this family, however the Term Life death benefit, enable her husband to move forward and maintain his lifestyle and keep his business functioning….

The moral to this story is simply, you don’t know when the unexpected id going to happen in your life so you need to”Be Prepared” for what life has in store for you before it happens….

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