Are you a business owner? If you are, you know that your employees are your greatest asset. So why not take care of them and make sure that they are feeling their absolute best. A group insurance plan provides healthcare coverage to employees. Group health insurance plans are one of the major benefits offered by many employers. If you want to stay competitive in the job market and attract the best talent, make sure that you offer the best health insurance benefits.

Employer Benefits for Small Business:

Employee benefits provide health insurance for employees and their families that protect them from life’s unforeseen illness, sickness, and accidents that can occur at any time. These benefits can be partially or fully paid by an employer and usually the cost of these benefits is more cost effective than if purchased separately on individual plans.

We offer the following Small Business Benefits for sole proprietors and/or business with two more employees.

  • Group Health Insurance
  • Group Dental & Vision
  • Group Short & Long Term Disability
  • Group Long Term Care
  • Group Retirement Plans

To find out which group plan is the best for your business, contact us today!