If you are 0 to 65 years of age you either get your Health insurance from Nevada Health Link or you buy it in the private marketplace and you need to call either Gina Or John At the Nevada Silver Life and Health Insurance to help quickly determine the best way to get health insurance and what it will cost you...!!!!

Call us 775-829-1221 for an appointment or to discuss what is a great fit for your Health Care Needs..!!!!


Health coverage that can be purchased 3 months at a time (can also be rolled over one an additional time). This coverage is not ACA compliant, but it provides limited benefits.

These plans are subject to pre-existing medical conditions

Ideal coverage for college students, individuals in between jobs or waiting until they want to be covered on their employers group health plan at work… Good also for Seasonal workers working on short-term jobs such as Ski instructors or River Raft Guides, or Seasonal Fire fighters to name a few….


  • Affordable plans that can fit any budget
  • Set dollar amounts for doctor office visits, hospital stays, lab work and more
  • Predictable, easy-to-use benefits for a variety of care
  • As a value added, access to First Health PPO Network, one of the nation’s largest PPO networks*

With PivotCare, consumers have access to low-cost medical plans that empower them to manage and control their health care

NATIONAL GENERAL - Short Term Medical, Critical illness, Fixed indemnity or Cancer

Our Short Term Medical insurance gives you a plan to face those
unpredictable moments in life with confidence. It provides the financial protection you need from unexpected medical bills and other health care expenses, including:

  • Doctor visits and some preventive care

  • Emergency room and ambulance coverage

  • Urgent care benefits, and more