“The Perfect View”

When I first started my professional career as a Professional Boy Scout Leader, (how does a “Brand New Wife” explain that job to her Mom & Dad and all her friends….!!!!), my first Scout Executive (Boss), the head executive director of a local geographic Area Non- Profit council hired by Board of Directors of community leaders to administer the Boy Scouts of America programs, all ways told me to “Look for the Silver Lining in every Cloud….!!!!!”

In any Volunteer organization or for profit business there are lots of opportunity for problems & issues occurring which need resolution before any progress or growth can be made…. How a person VIEW’S these problems and issues will determine whether or not They are obstacles that cannot be overcome or as “Great Opportunities to be solved” ….   John McConnell my first Scout Executive, taught me right from the start, “The Hard things in life we do right now, the Impossible things just take a Little Longer…!!!” ….

By Viewing a glass of water that is, “Half empty or Half full” and figuring out to overflow that glass is what has made the difference between success & failure of the many projects and problems I have encountered during my lifetime… I attribute this right kind of mental “Attitude Adjustment” on my part to my early involvement in the Boy Scouts of America and being around positive adults, men & Women of good Character who served as leaders and I as a youth learned from their example of good citizenship, Moral & Mental character and physical fitness how to pattern my life…!!!! Plus, I have had the opportunity to learn from many managers and business leaders who served as known and unknown “Mentors” as I have been in the working world for 50 plus years now….

You would think all this great wisdom and example of others has given me a great View and perspective on life, and you are absolutely correct…. A person is never too old to quit learning and gaining insight form the actions of others and how to apply those things to Their own situation…



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