“Show Me the Money…..!!!!”

WOW….!!!! I just got a fist full of Cash & Cash is King….!!!! So What do I do with all this cash and immediate windfall of money???? Do I put it in a safe place like the bank in my savings account, in an envelope & under my mattress or secret hiding place at home? Do I put it into some stocks & bonds or go buy some “things” I have always wanted and thought I needed…? Or Do I pay off all debit and swear I am never going to get in debit again and run up those credit card balance buying Stuff I think I really can’t live without…!!!!!

Being in the Life & Health Insurance business for the last 25 years and this being my second career, I have seen People who have inherited large sums of money, received large settlements for life insurance claim, win a large “JackPot” in the casino, receive a large commission from the sale of a product or piece of real Estate, ETC, ETC, ETC, and go thru that large chuck of money, like George Sherman Burning and Ripping up the South during the Civil War….!!!!!

A few years ago I was told and read the average time it takes to go thru a large un-expected sum of money like “Winning the Lotto” is on average 8 Months…!!! After seeing and being involved some of the settlements that I have been a part of I firmly believe that time frame is correct… The classic case involved a great friend of my who just 2 months ago called me to see what kind of return  he could get on $40,000 that he had just received from the sale of some land he owned… I worked up some Annuity & Life insurance quotes showing that he could between 3 to 6% return guaranteed on his money and have it double in 10-12 years at those rates dependent upon which product he placed the money… I made the presentation and learned that the time frame was too long as he wanted a quicker return for a much shorter period of time because he might come across a great purchase that he would want to make sooner… This “burn the Hole in my Pocket” attitude is very typical of the vast majority of people I have ever dealt with regarding a situation like this with their large sum of monies… Granted, he did not need the money to live on TODAY, but his tomorrow’s need to be prepared for  with today’s monies…!!! And getting people to realize that preparing today for what life holds instore for your tomorrow’s is the proper and responsible thing to do …

You don’t want to have send the rest of life living off the FROG-Friends, Relatives, Neighbors and the Government, which is what 97% of the folks who reach age 65 have to do because they do not properly save or prepare themselves financially ahead of time….!!!! To review your current financial needs for the future and review your Income protection, Health & Life Insurance and your Savings programs for the future, Please call John W. Collier, LUTCF, FSS< CC at 775-829-1221 or Send an email to john@nvsilver.com requesting an appointment for confidential of Your Life’s Financial Needs…!!!!


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