“Go Ahead Make My Day…!!!”

Most people try to make a “Mountain Out Of a Mole Hill…!!!! Being in Sales, a person learns early on that when your prospective buyer asks you a question regarding the product or service they are thinking about purchasing, you need to answer the question and provide the supporting information or follow up on the service request as quickly as possible in order to prevent the problem from escalating into a major issue and possible loss of the sale and future income…

When I buy something from a store or thru the internet or from a catalog, or I sign-up to attend a meeting or register for a conference or make an appointment to see my dentist or doctor or order food in a restaurant or purchase insurance coverage for my car, the ease of “doing business” with the person or company I am buying from determines my future transactions and dealings with that company or person and any future additional purchases and recommendations to others about that product or service…. The future contact I have also is dictated by the follow-up from the company or person that I made that initial transaction…  Additionally, if I have a problem with billing or I didn’t receive what I purchased in a timely manner or a request for additional information was never received, leaves a negative impression in my mind about that person or company….

In my first “Real Job” where I actually got paid a regular salary and had benefits, I was very fortune to have an outstanding employer and staff leader who helped me as a mentor & example of how to work “ “with” and “motivate” people to buy into concepts…. One of the key elements he taught me was a very simple concept, “if you tell someone or promise you will do something for them, or you make a commitment to someone, then keep that promise or commitment, even if takes your toenails off….!!!”

In other words, do what you say you are going to do and follow-thru on your end to provide quality service and follow-up with a prospect, existing client and take responsibility for resolving the issue for the person you are dealing with in fulling your “sales Cycle” with that individual in a timely manner…

“What Makes MY DAY” is when someone says “THANK YOU” to me for assisting them with the purchase of a product I have presented to them or a service function I have performed for them to straighten an issue “Before the Mole Hill becomes a Mountain”….!!!!!!!.

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