Emotion Roulette

Have I EVER had a bad Day….!!!! Well Over the course of my young life, I have had a few “Bad Days”, but I have always looked for the “Silver Lining in every Could” because I learned early on in my young Life that it doesn’t really matter how bad it gets, It CAN and will always get worse before it gets better….!!!!!

Especially if you create a “Drama out of the situation you are faced with in Life…!!!!”, I have worked WITH & FOR several different Managers over my two distinct careers on my lifetime, One in the “Not for Profit world”, and the Other in the, “For profit world of business…!!!” One of my earliest managers was a young Camp Director, who would every day from Morning until night walk around Camp and express verbally, ”I wonder what is going to go wrong next…!!!!”…. He was the without question, as I think back in my lifetime of meeting and dealing with people, the most pessimistic, negative person I have met or worked “FOR” not with, but “FOR”…. He was a micro manager with a Doctorate in the world of  ”Micro Management” and you learned imeadiately in dealing with him that you did not do anything until he had described exactly how he wanted you to do a task and then you had better do it his way or you would be completing the project or task assigned all over again until you accomplished …

What I learned early on in life is that your “Attitude” toward the accomplishment of anything you do will determine how well or how bad that task will be taken care of and how fast it will get done, and to what degree of positive or negative result the outcome of the task will have on the results of your actions…!!!!!

So what if Iam having a bad day, I had better have an Attitude Adjustment” and like Larry the cable guy always says, “ Let’s-Geter-Done….!!!!!!.

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