Captivating Your senses

Have you ever lost your ability to be awake and sense what is happening around you at all times… Lost your ability to sit up in bed or get-up and walk…. Unable to feed yourself, take shower, get dressed, drive a car, go to work and earn a living, be unable to talk or hear others because you are in a comma…. Fix meals, wash your clothes, tie your shoes or sit in a chair, smell flowers and pungent flavors and odors, cannot remember what you did 5 minutes ago or where you are right now… Are you getting the picture of some of the 1000’s of things we touch, see, hear, remember, feel, move our body’s at will without be hindered in any way, due to an injury, sickness. accident affecting our bodies and causing it to not function, thus causing us to become disabled temporally or parentally for a period time unable to perform a normal function or remember what we did 5 or 20 minutes ago… Did you also know that statistically every five seconds in our country someone is having some kind of accident that affects our ability to function for a period of time…. Are you prepared Physically, Mentality, and financially to protect yourself to weather the Disability and survive until you med your body and function in order to return your normal routine of life… Do you an adequate and comprehensive Health policy in force to enable you to seek the proper medical care to assist your body in repairing itself …. A short term and long term income replacement or sick pay plan to replace your income while your body and mind heal themselves so you can return to your normal work and income levels… Adequate savings to carry you thru the period of disability along with your income replacement plan income while you are becoming well again to meet your day to day and month to month financial obligations… It is the “Rare” individual who has prepared themselves for the unexpected things of life which can happen at any time that has all three elements of their ”Personal Health, Income replacement and nonrisk savings Protection package” in place and in force, Health, sort and long term income replacement and adequate “Non-risk” savings insurance in place for themselves and their family members…. To review you’re “Personal Health, Income Replacement, Non-Risk Savings Plans”, Call your local professional Insurance agent to Today to review and update your coverages as soon as possible to protect yourself and Your Senses…!!!!!!.

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