“Best Party Ever”

Everybody loves a great party….!!!!! Nobody likes to be invited to some’s home and just sit around & look at the four walls making small talk and some “off the wall” excuse as to why you’ve got to run cause in reality you are out stuff to make small talk about…!!!!

From New England a clam & Lobster bake to the deep south with fried catfish & ice cold Beer, to the land of the 10,000 lakes in Minnesota and High desert country of the great southwest to the Pacific Ocean SoCal Beaches and pristine Rain Forest of the great North West, everybody knows how to throw a truly “GREAT MEMORABLE PARTY” or one that last’s a lifetime in your memory banks as an unforgettable Life Experience……!!!!

My Wife & I attended such a party this last September 29th in Hood River, Oregon at our son and his new bride and our new Daughter, our latest addition to our family, wedding at the Copper Spur Ski Resort….

Now these two Kids, now grown mature adults Know how to throw a “PARTY” for their 175 +/- friends associates and relatives … Normally in Hood River the weather can be kind of sketchy in late September, but this Saturday turned out to be absolutely stunning…. With sun shining, the temperatures in the low 70’s, the wedding was done in front of an aborer made of grape vines and framed a backdrop of Snow Capped Mt. Hood… The reception was held in a tent capable of seating up 250 people for a catered sit down buffet of Columbia River Salmon &/or Prime Rib with all the trimmings…Open bar from the time you arrived for the wedding ceremony till everybody finally went home or to bed at “O’dart thirty” in the morning… The meal was catered by the Ski Resort and the Wedding Cake celebrating the Marriage consisted of 7 Dutch Oven Upside Down Pineapple, beach & blueberry cakes topped with heaping globs of whipped cream and two large Triple Berry Dutch Oven Cobblers baked on site in Dutch Ovens….

The actual wedding occurred at 4:00 pm in the afternoon followed by the reception in the green Lush Meadow where the reception tent was located and all the guest from all over the US and a couple of Foreign countries mingled following the ceremony drinking Champagne and nibbling or hordourves before dinner was served….

What made the event & Party so memorable in my mind was the after dinner activity when at least a dozen or more of both Zach, our son and Heather, our new daughter, friends and relatives got up and shared their experiences of how they met Zac & Heather and developed their friendship with each of them… this was truly a highlight and real insight and testimony into our son and his new wife’s lives and capped the party for my wife and myself…. A party I will remember forever…!!!!.

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