Before and After

“Back In the Day” before computers, a person might say was much simpler and slower paced….!!!! When I first started college and afterwards in my first career no one had a computer, cell phone, I-pad, etc. All I had was access to a typewriter, pen and pencil and paper, the 3 “P” of communications…

Fortunately, I took a class in high school and learned the basics of how to type and use a typewriter, however I never owned one and being the broke, starving, resourceful college students that I was, I had to write everything out and for the important papers & reports and senior class project I had to draft the document in handwriting and then go find someone and pay them per page or per word to type up the report so it was legible and could be read and looked presentable…..

This continued on in my first and sub-subsequent jobs,  hand writing everything out and giving it to a secretary who turn would type up the document and make copies if necessary, by use of a ditto machine…(this was before copiers also…!!!!)

When I started my second career about 25 years ago I had to learn how to use a computer to survive and make sales….!!!! The transition was dramatic in the beginning because of the development of technology and is “much faster” today – ( which is an understatement…!!!!) than 25 years later…. Just think if I had the ability and knowledge of computers, the internet and the “cloud” back when I first started working professionally, how my life would have been….

BUT, fortunately, a person can’t change what’s already happened in the past, you can only deal with what’s happening now and today as that can affect the future for your life…!!!!! I learned a long time ago in my dealings and work with people , that the easier a person can dal with “Change” the better they will get along in their life with other people and organizations….!!!!!!

You can certainly learn from your” BEFORE” past experiences, and use those examples to enable you to plan for and develop actions today that will affect the “AFTER” or your future…!!!!!




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