“All Good things come to an end”

Life is great, the Wine is fantastic….!!!!, the good life is fueled by the Good Money that makes it easy to do things in this world, great health no issues…!!!! Credit cards and other bills under control, New clothes and a new car every couple of years, pay increases and job promotions come easily and always present new challenges to keep me interested….!!!!! New friends and associations with people and new adventures with those friends keep me active, entertained and looking for the next one…

AND Then it CHANGES…!!!!!!!!

So what Causes the change, job changes and relocation due to a promotion, a new Manager, a personal relationship that turns sour, Sickness or an injury or ACCIDENT, Loss of a job and the great stream of endless income from the “Job”, a thousand & One things can change in the course of a person’s life…Some Changes are instant, others happen over periods of time and other Changes occur because of outside influence that you have no control on and indirectly effect you ….

How prepared you are to handle the CHANGE’S that occur constantly, determine how well you get along in life…. You do not realize when you first start out as a teen ager how long your life will be or that you need to prepare yourself for all the constant changes that are about to occur in your life…All you are worried about in the beginning is living today and making the most of it today, as tomorrow and the tomorrow’s after that are a long way off…

The wise person, and how many of us are wise at 16,17 Or18, Wisecrackers maybe…!!!!, who has the Parental influence or outside influence of someone who they respect that share goals & objectives in a mean full way this individual, that they should give some thought to saving and planning for their next 70+/- years for their financial, career and personal objectives, should listen and take action……!!!!!

What happens to the vast majority of us as we live our lives, Change dictates our progress thru our lives and as One good thing ends, another begins and how well we transition is how well our lives progress thru time…..

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