Savings Programs

Did you realize the by the time you turn 65 +/- , OR when you decide you want to retire and quit working at the job you may have worked at for a longtime, OR you may have been unemployed for a long period of time or let go from your job due to downsizing of a company, or you may have to work in two to three Part-time jobs, 29 hours or less /week just to make ends meet, you may have experienced one or more of these situations….

home insuranceYou may say to yourself, it would be nice to have some surplus money that I could save after paying all my bills so that in the event of a future unforeseen event occurring  and throwing me out of the work force and causing a loss of a steady paycheck, it sure would be nice to have a cushion or pool of money I could tap to make the transition happen until I can find my next job and create enough cash to get thru the unforeseen situation…!!! J

  • I have several plans  and products that provide you guarantees of principal and your savings are not at risk, and provide you with good returns on your savings… The approach I have found that works well for individuals and Small business is for me to review first what you have in terms of products and determine what you want to accomplish and then to help in reaching your goal with in your budget…. I am not a Fee based planner, my services are free too you  nor do I use any equity products that are subject to the Stock market  and it’s risk… I am reimbursed by product carrier should you choose to use the any  of the products  I recommend to you ….!!!! J

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