Need Health Insurance?

Missed the open enrollment for health insurance…!!! Losing your group Health coverage…!!!!! You have not had health insurance because of several various reasons Check out the (9)-Nine ways you can cover yourself…!!!!!  

email me, for information on the Nine (9) different options available to you to apply for health insurance in 2018 as of 3-01-2018…. 

The following are your options for getting health insurance to cover your bills for healthcare if you are under 65 years of age…!!! 

Option #One-(1)-Short-Term coverage-Three-(3) Months at a time….. 

  • Basic coverage for Accidents or Sickness, no co-pays or Prescription drugs, meet your deductible and out of pocket, limited maximum benefit… 


Option #(2) Two- Accident Insurance &/or Sick Pay coverage in the event you get sick or have an accident and can’t work… Pays lump sum for specific injuries or services. Pays lump sum for loss of income if you are sick or injured and cannot work because of the accident or sickness. 


Option # Three-(3)- Medicaid– State health care for anyone earning less 100% of the Federal poverty level. You apply for coverage and benefits thru the Welfare Department in your county… You have to qualify for coverage thru application process which can take up to 45 days. 

Option # Four-(4)- Federal Exchange Insurance– an individual or family can qualify for coverage and a Tax Credit or subsidy to underwrite part or all the cost of health insurance for yourself and or members of your family. to qualify your Adjustable Gross Income as an individual or as a family must be between 138% and 400% of the federal poverty level for the current year you are applying for coverage. In Nevada for 2018 an individual or family applies thru the federal exchange and they will have a choice of two different HMO carriers, Ambetter, Or Health Plan of Nevada… You can apply yourself or seek the assistance of a Health Insurance Broker who is qualified to assist you on the Federal exchange. 

Option #Fifth-(5)- Private Market Place-Off-Exchange Coverage– In Nevada there is only one individual Health left in the Market Place and that is Hometown Health Plan…They offer two individual and family health plans, an HMO and a PPO plan… for a detailed and full explanation of how these plans work and to apply an individual of family should contact an appointment and Nevada licensed Health Insurance Boker to apply for coverage and assist you with any service needs you may encounter with this carrier… 

Option # Seven-(7)- Group Insurance- Employer Provider CoverageThe Majority of individuals and/ or their family members are covered by their employer’s group health plan… Not all Employer’s provide group health, so an employee should consider one of these other options for health care needs. 

Option # Eight-(8)-Faith Based Health Plans Lower cost options for health coverages. Claims are shared by members who belong to these plans. Most of these plans are not considered to be Fully insured … These plans are found on the internet and you have o apply directly to them for coverage… These plans do not meet the standards of the Affordable Health Care Act and therefore do not comply fully with the ACA Act.. 

Option # Nine-(9)- “Sel- Insuring-Going Bare”, just not having any Health insurance and taking the “RISK” that you are going to be Sick, Have an Accident, Or coming down with a Aliment or disease of any kind …… 

 To be certain your Health Care coverage meets your needs and budget contact your Healthcare Licensed and trained Insurance Agent for assistance and service with your coverage… 


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