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2014 has brought the new ACA law –For Affordable Healthcare, everyone as of January 1, 2014 needs to have health coverage from one of four sources, dependent entirely upon your Annual  INCOME for the 2013 tax year… This is your Before Tax income for the year…… You now have four places to get your coverage because of this new law:

1.   Medicaid through your local welfare Office, your state health exchange in the case of Nevada, it’s Nevada Health Link

2.   If you are 64 and under, you could  qualify financially based on the amount of your Annual 2013 Household income for 2013 and size of your family you could qualify for a subsidy…. See the chart below:


3.    The private Insurance plans are available for anyone earning over 400% of the Poverty  level income or for anyone who wants to buy one and not accept a subsidy or deal with Medicaid or the exchanges… Please Click on this link to get a Quote….( Button or link to Quotit)

4.   If you 65 and older you qualify for medicare and can apply for medicare parts “A” for hospitalization and part “B” for doctor care…I can help you with you’re A, B, C, D’s of Medicare Part “C ”of Medicare which cover Medicare Supplements or MediGap plans to cover the parts of A & B that medicare does not pay OR Discuss a Medicare Advantage plan and a Part ”D”-Prescription Drug plan which requires your authorization and an appointment at your convenience requested by you…

healthlinkI am an appointed and Certified “Insurance Broker” which means I can help you apply on the Nevada Health Link web site and apply for and enroll in coverage with the Nevada Health Link to meet your requirements and budget for health Insurance in 2014 and  the future years…



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