If it was easy everybody would be doing it….!!!!

If it was easy everybody would be doing IT...!!! People ask me a lot HOW I got into selling insurance, Or how I learned to do Dutch Oven cooking.....!!!! I have been selling all my adult life, mainly selling ideas, concepts ,selling my vision about how a project would work and what I visualize the outcome...
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Chicken Pot Pie with out the Chicken!!!!!

Chickenless Pot Pie....!!!!! Wow, that doesn't sound good... that is why you eat Chicken Pot pie to taste the flavorful Chicken , the more chicken the better...!!!! Interestingly enough,  the realities of  your life are like "Chickenless Pot Pie", you  go thru your whole life with having any of the great at age 65 life...
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Trouble signing up for Internet Health Insurance?

Are you having trouble signing up on the internet for Health Insurance…????????? Well, “Join the Club”….!!!! J Any brand new piece of software is going to experience its share of “glitches” & “Gremlin’s”, but when it takes 2 minutes and 50 second to change one screen on the computer and then you get an...
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