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Emotion Roulette

Have I EVER had a bad Day….!!!! Well Over the course of my young life, I have had a few “Bad Days”, but I have always looked for the “Silver Lining in every Could” because I learned early on in my young Life that it doesn’t really matter how bad it gets, It CAN and...
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Just another Great Adventure……!!!!!!!

Just another great adventure I thought to myself…!!! Why if I had really thought about what was involved, I probably would have stayed home and vegetated in front of the TV and spent the summer staying cool in front of our “Swamp Cooler” so I would not have to sweat to...
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Nobody ever said “Life in this Great country of ours”was Fair Or Right Or Equal” for All of the Citizens of our country….!!!!!

"I talk with 10-15 people a week on an average about their health insurance needs to meet the ACA-Affordable Healthcare Act and the requirement that everyone must be covered with health insurance or pay a tax penalty. ....  Each year the tax penalty increases and so does the awareness of the public in America, especially when they...
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If it was easy everybody would be doing it….!!!!

If it was easy everybody would be doing IT...!!! People ask me a lot HOW I got into selling insurance, Or how I learned to do Dutch Oven cooking.....!!!! I have been selling all my adult life, mainly selling ideas, concepts ,selling my vision about how a project would work and what I visualize the outcome...
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