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“Show Me the Money…..!!!!”

WOW….!!!! I just got a fist full of Cash & Cash is King….!!!! So What do I do with all this cash and immediate windfall of money???? Do I put it in a safe place like the bank in my savings account, in an envelope & under my mattress or secret hiding place at home?...
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“All Good things come to an end”

Life is great, the Wine is fantastic….!!!!, the good life is fueled by the Good Money that makes it easy to do things in this world, great health no issues…!!!! Credit cards and other bills under control, New clothes and a new car every couple of years, pay increases and job promotions come easily and...
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“Best Party Ever”

Everybody loves a great party….!!!!! Nobody likes to be invited to some’s home and just sit around & look at the four walls making small talk and some “off the wall” excuse as to why you’ve got to run cause in reality you are out stuff to make small talk about…!!!! From New England a clam...
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“The Perfect View”

When I first started my professional career as a Professional Boy Scout Leader, (how does a “Brand New Wife” explain that job to her Mom & Dad and all her friends….!!!!), my first Scout Executive (Boss), the head executive director of a local geographic Area Non- Profit council hired by Board of Directors of community...
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